European Explorers 14th – 16th Century

MYP3 A and B have been working on a History task meant to strengthen our knowledge and understanding of the European Explorers from the 14-16th Century AD. As part of this task, we had to choose one explorer from that time period, and in literal terms, become that explorer. We created a logbook (creatively made to make it look significant to the time period) of this voyage which depicted our journey, including all of the obstacles we faced, the places we discovered and the days we won’t forget. I had chosen Christopher Columbus as my explorer, and as my research advanced I found out so many new facts and perspectives, all of which were quite captivating, because of the mere thought, that someone had the determination to do so much.

Throughout the process of working, all of us had to keep in mind that we need to give justice to the voyage we had chosen and keep in mind the ATL skills which would guide us throughout. Once we were finished with the log book and all of the background information it was time for us to present to the class. Everyone dressed up like their explorer and tried to act and talk like them. We all tried to be as innovative as we could in order to be the explorer we had chosen. By the end of the presentations, we can definitely say we learned so much more about these explorers in general.  This task was a fun way for all of us to explore in depth the lives and voyages of European Explorers.

-Shreya Joshi