Guys and Dolls Jr. – Update 5

Every week stirs up more and more excitement as we continue with our Guys & Dolls Jr. Musical rehearsals! This week, individual characters begin to learn and practice their solo pieces, such as the characters Sarah Brown and Sky Masterson in the song ‘I’ll Know’ and Miss Adelaide in ‘Adelaide’s Lament’. The entire cast and ensemble have also begun learning the choreography to the song ‘Guys and Dolls’, a number that sums up the entire mood and setting of the musical. During the rehearsal, the ensemble and cast worked on finishing the choreography for ‘The Oldest Established’. The song is now prepared, with some minor tweaks to make. The cast has also begun working on Scene 1, the first songs and action of the play. Having started blocking (stage directions, etc) the introductory scene for the show, the cast is now working on memorising lines in order to focus on acting.

            This week, we will be revealing the cast member who plays Big Jule– Aashi Mejare! Big Jule, often seen alongside Harry the Horse, is a part of the crapshooters’ crew. Strong and humorous, he is one hulking thug who has travelled all the way from Chicago to New York to take part in Nathan Detroit’s infamous crap game. Big Jule is part of the ensemble and is seen in multiple scenes and songs.

Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s article and a new character reveal!

The Guys & Dolls Team