Support Staff Day

For our CAS project, Anmol and I decided to participate in Support Staff Day. An event where the school gives back to the hardworking support staff in the form of fun activities and games for them and their families. We had to plan and run the logistics of the day for the kids of the support staff as well as collaborate with staff and other students to ensure the smooth running of the event. The DP1’s were also involved and were going to be helping in the various activities on the day. This was a good opportunity to develop our leadership skills as well as give back to our dedicated support staff.

We began preparing for staff support day and split into two groups. The first group was dedicated to sports and the second to the arts. Anmol and I made a list of prospective activities that could be done on the day. Everyone involved could make suggestions and share their opinion. A few of the examples of the art activities mentioned were origami, painting, crafting, and drawing. While the sports activities discussed included Cricket, Kho Kho, basketball and more. We discussed the positive and negative aspects of each activity concerning safety and material limitations. Hence, we made a google doc to keep track of the information we knew and information that we would need to find out.

We faced a challenge in terms of organizing particular equipment. Hence, we had several meetings with staff and our supervisors in order to arrange for the required equipment. We discussed the logistics of the equipment. For example, where we would get these materials from and how would they be returned. Over several days, we were able to organize the required equipment and materials. We were quite pleased and were looking forward to the actual event.

The event was held on the 29th of February. The DP1’s, Anmol and I arrived early in order to set up the sports and art equipment. During the event, the kids were excited and were very happy to participate in art and sports activities. We were able to interact with them and create a positive atmosphere in general.

In terms of learning, we challenged ourselves to be constructive and to persevere through the whole process. In order to keep track of information regarding the event, Anmol and I created several documents. In addition, we were able to use these planning documents to address problems or concerns which we or our group had. The shared documents assisted us, in the end, to understand and remain coordinated. As a result of that experience, I was able to improve my organizational skills. I do feel that due to my interactions with the different people involved, I was able to develop my communication skills too. Leadership was another ability I managed to improve as a result of this event. In this case, communication with the supervisors, Anmol and the members of the group was important since we were able to relay information and fix problems. I am quite pleased to have been involved in such an event as I have learned so much while being able to give back to our support staff.