EY 2 – Inspiring learning through experiences with nature 

In order to continue building our relationship with nature and interact with a host of sensory experiences such as the sounds, smells, taste, textures etc.  the enthusiastic EY2 learners and their mums met at Imara and Kyra’s farmhouse on Monday. 5th December.

Kyra and Imara met us as we got off the bus and took their friends for a tour of the house. First, they had some snacks both from their own boxes and the scrumptious breakfast that Raina had generously laid out for all of us. After that they went hunting to find the objects on the farm that they were given pictures of. The learners carried a bag each and went collecting the natural materials that were found on the farm: they found some leaves, sticks, seeds, fruits etc. which they will be using to create decorations and art. They took part in planting some flowers   We had a special guest who came to see us and take the children for rides, Badal the horse,  which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  

While the outdoors provided the learners with discoveries and experiences in a natural setting, they were engaged in learning as they played. Along with encouraging the development and practice of various skills and social-emotional development, it allowed for hands on experiences to learn: 

·          Math, through exploring natural objects: looking at the shapes, patterns, measuring, comparing. 

·          Science by observing the plants, finding out where we get some fruits and vegetables from, how do they grow, their needs, 

·          Language through the things they discover and talk about things they investigate and find words to describe the processes they observe.  

·         Playing outside also allowed for risk taking that helped build self-confidence and self judgement.  

This excursion helped our learners understand that everything around us is connected to nature and continued the  building of a deeper awareness and appreciation of nature.