International Francophonie Day 2023

International Francophonie Day is celebrated within the International Organization of La Francophonie’s 88 member states and governments every year on March 20 to celebrate the French language and Francophone culture. There are over 300 million French speakers in the world , spread across 5 continents.  

We at MIS have a strong representation of Francophones(approximately 100), with native French speakers and learners of French language as well. 

This year MIS celebrated Francophonie Day with a tasting table for students and staff  with Baguettes in the Cafeteria and Homeroom activities in the MYP and DP to find out about Francophone culture and people. These activities included researching and presenting information about food specialties, monuments, flags of Francophone regions and countries and famous Francophone personalities from various fields. Francophone students were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on French culture during the Homeroom. These activities celebrated diversity and aligned with our Mission and vision.