EY1 Visits Garware Farm

We launched our second Unit of Inquiry, ‘Sharing the Planet’ and spent our Monday morning at Garware farm. The learners knew that we were going to have a picnic. They thought that we might see cows, pigs and even sharks and dinosaurs on the farm. However, when we reached the farm, we were greeted by beautiful yellow and orange marigold flowers, Milo the dog, Ms. Mayuri, and her team. 

After our scrumptious picnic in the garden, we began the tour of the farm. We saw coffee plants. We smelled cinnamon leaves. We observed a lemon tree laden with fruits as we walked towards Lily and Lali, a jersey cow and her four-month-old calf. Then we went to see how coconuts are picked from the tall coconut trees. We also had a taste of freshly squeezed sugarcane juice before we headed towards the ginger and turmeric farm. On the way back, we noticed white cranes in the nearby field and a big bunch of bananas hanging off one of the trees. We were invited to have a closer look at them. We saw familiar fruits and everyday vegetables as we toured the vegetable patch. Sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and lettuce seemed to be thriving and ready to eat. We also observed a man with a peculiar machine digging the earth and preparing it for planting new crops.

We finished the round trip of the farm, and it was already time to head back to school. We thanked Ms. Mayuri and her team, took a group photo, and boarded the bus with a bunch of turmeric plants and loads of memories and wonderings about the trip and the farm.