My Exhibition

I am Aryan, I am going to share my exhibition experience. My exhibition has been really wonderful. It was a really good experience for me. My exhibition was on the International Baccalaureate ( IB ) . It is the curriculum in the school which I go to. I had to do a lot of things like research on the topic, take interviews with teacher to get information about other curriculums ,  I had to make venn diagrams , make a poster , make a Thinglink for my action presentation that I gave and I did a lot of things which made ‘me ‘go deep in ‘to’ the inquiry.

The good thing for me was that I finished on time, I was confident when I presented , I made a good Thinglink and a poster so I am really happy. The thing I could improve on was I could make my poster a little bit neater.

For my action I presented my International Baccalaureate Thinglink to some teachers who taught in a different curriculum and after I presented they had an idea of what was the International Baccalaureate.  After the lock down I am going to share my exhibition with more people.

Some things I learned from this journey is that the methodology influences the way learners learn. Also when I joined MIS my thinking process changed and the way I learned changed.

In my exhibition my Central idea was “education systems influence how we learn.”

Lines of inquiry are:

How the PYP developed (form)

The effects of agency in learners (function)

Ways of sharing our learning responsibly (responsibility)

The Transdisciplinary theme is How We Organize Ourselves  because I am talking about how the IB PYP was developed and organized.

 The Key Concepts – The key concepts related to my IB PYP topic is form because I am talking about how the IB  works and what is different about it.

Related Concepts – Agency, influence, education

Approaches To Learning –  I am developing time management skills and my thinking skills because I really have to watch and then schedule my meetings on time so my time management skills improve. Also I improve my thinking skills because I think really deep into the topic.

 Which UNSDG is my Exhibition connected to ?  My Exhibition is Connected to goal Number 4 –  Quality Education

This goal connects to my inquiry because curricula is a specific way of teaching in schools and with good curricula we have good quality education. The methodology influences the way learners learn.

The UN goals aim is to help the children to get a higher quality education so the curriculum is important. The UNSDG goals for the girls and boys to have equal education no gender problem so if the curriculum believes that there should be no gender problems then there will be no gender problems.

My Exhibition is connected to our school’s mission. The mission of our school is to encourage responsibility, celebrate diversity and promote learning.  Curricula are the ways of learning so that’s why I think my exhibition is connected to  promote learning.

For making my credits I used .

Some of the photos of my whole exhibition –

This my Thinglink photo –

This is one of my venn diagrams picture –

This is my poster picture –

So, this is why this journey was superb for me.