Field Trip to Anubhuti Foundation – P1 and P1/P2 

On November 22nd, 2023, the P1 and P1/P2 learners enjoyed an enriching field trip to Anubhuti Foundation, where they embarked on an exciting learning adventure. 

The foundation was an initiative started by Dr. Harsha Joshi to support the women in the nearby villages. 

This trip enhanced the social skills of the learners as they engaged in peer interaction, exchanged ideas and inquired deeper into their current unit ‘How we organize ourselves.’ As Anubhuti Foundation have their own processing unit, it provided our learners with a first-hand experience of the transformation process from raw materials to finished products to responsible consumption. Additionally, the learners had the opportunity to explore different production systems employed by the organization – the baking unit and the stitching centre. 

During our visit to the stitching unit, the learners understood the various stages involved in creating clothes. They observed the raw materials, witnessed the process of cutting and stitching and gained an insight into the mechanics of cloth stitching using machines. The tailors demonstrated the process to inspire learning and explained how they reused the waste fabric to create streamers, masks, etc. and other useful things thus provoking our learners to act themselves and foster responsibility. 

Another fascinating part of our trip was the production of cookies. They were captivated by the whole process; observing the use of raw materials, watching the blending process and the use of a powerful blender and then the meticulous placement of the mixture onto trays before finally being baked in the large oven. The learners had the opportunity to taste the healthy and scrumptious cookies before our trip was over. 

Utilizing their research skills, our learners engaged all their senses to gather and record information. They keenly observed, listened, touched, smelled, and even tasted the aspects of the production process. This hands-on encounter was designed in alignment with our school’s overarching mission to foster inspired learning, prioritizing the creation of a joyful educational journey for our students. Throughout this visit, we seamlessly integrated our school’s distinctive definition of learning, underscoring our belief that authentic change emerges from experiential processes. 

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