From the PE and Athletics Department


Welcome to the 2018/19 school. PE classes across all grades started last week with swimming for many primary classes starting this week and next. All classes from PYP 3 to MYP 5 will be doing various levels of fitness testing. Fitness levels need to be assessed at the start of each year so teachers are able to adjust classes as necessary. A range of skills and abilities will be looked at with students taking part in exercises covering endurance and flexibility amongst others. Students will be reassessed at various times throughout the year to measure improvements. PYP 1 and 2 students will be doing a modified group of exercises during this first 2 weeks instead of full fitness testing.

The aim of these tests is for all students to improve their own levels. The main requirement in all PHE and PSPE classes is that students try 100% of the time. We understand not every student will be an Olympic athlete or world class soccer player, but every student is capable of individual improvements and taking part to the best of their abilities.

As such we ask that you, as parents, support our students by sending notes to class with a request for “modified PE”  if your child has been unwell or is slightly injured. Students with notes can be used as referees or are able to do various activities that do not stress the sick or injured part of the body. If a student is well enough to be at school, they are well enough to take part in PE classes. There is no time when a student is at school that they are unable to take part in some way in PE and swimming classes. Please do not send any notes stating no PE and ensure that your child always has their PE uniform at school on days they have PE classes.

All students are expected to be in correct PE attire for all classes and to have water bottles with them. If your child is asthmatic and uses a puffer, we ask that they always carry one to PHE and PSPE classes in case it is required. A spare, labelled puffer should be kept in the medical centre.

All students should have a house coloured t shirt and navy PE shorts that they wear to all PE classes. Secondary students will be expected to change at school, although primary students may wear their PE clothes to school on the day they have PE classes. All primary students must have hats for all outside PE activities and these will be worn at all times when on the field.


PYP 1-5 swimming classes have started with students being assessed on current abilities. Please ensure your child has both PE and swimming attire with them in case we are unable to swim due to the weather. PS 1,2 and 3 classes will start swimming next week.

PYP swimming classes will be divided by ability this year for most grades. Assessment is currently being done and parents will be notified via homeroom teachers of which day their child will be swimming.

MYP swimming classes will not start until next year and students will be notified after the Winter break as to the start date.

Saturday Morning Sports Programme

This year we will continue with the primary Basketball and Soccer programmes. These are open to PYP 1-5 students only. The sessions are organised by secondary students and run on a weekly basis throughout the year.

Soccer starting Sat 25th Aug, 8.30am-9.30am

Basketball: the start date is still to be finalised and will start after monsoon season finishes.

It will run 9.30am – 10.30am.

Family swimming

Family swimming will start Saturday 25th Aug with the pool open from 9.30am – 12pm.


Upcoming events

Upcoming events for this year will include our Sports Days, Swimming Galas and the Miracle Mile. We, as a department, look forward to seeing you at these events.

Our first upcoming Sports Day will be the secondary event Wednesday 31st October. Primary Sports Days will take place in December.


ISACI information

ISACI Boys Basketball and Girls soccer have now started. Practices for both these teams will be Monday, Thursday and Saturday. All team members are expected at all 3 sessions each week, unless notified prior by the coach or Miss Jodi. We still require at least 4 more girls for the soccer team. MYP 3 and up girls please consider helping out.

As of Thursday 16th August we are having late practice sessions for ISACI teams on Thursdays only. Practice will finish at 5pm. A 5.15pm bus will be put on with select drop off points. This bus is for ISACI team members only.

The Saturday bus schedule has already gone out to parents with arrival at MBIS by approx 9am and departure home at 11.45am. Again there is only one select bus route down Baner Rd to One North.

If you wish to make use of this bus and you are not on the list emailed last week you MUST contact Mr Narendra asap. Seats are limited to one bus only.

MBIS is hosting ISACI Boys Basketball 4-6 October.  All boys taking part in the team are required to house visiting students and we will be looking for extra beds. If your child participated in ISACI last school year please expect to be contacted regarding housing visiting students. This is an ISACI requirement and one that MBIS must fulfil to remain a member of the ISACI league.

At the same time that we play host to Boys Basketball our girls will be travelling to Bangalore for the ISACI Soccer tournament.

New CCA Co-ordinator

The Secondary CCA programme is being organised by Mr Marc Muehlich ( All queries regarding this programme should be directed to Mr Marc with ISACI and PE questions coming to me.

Secondary House Activities

In order to continue to promote school and house spirit we will continue with the secondary House Activities programme that includes, athletic, academic and arts activities. We are aiming to develop the house programme in the primary and add more house activities. All new students have been allocated house groups. Please make sure you have purchased house shirts and shorts which are also used in PE class. All grades from PS 1 to MYP 5 are expected to wear the tshirt AND shorts.

Secondary House Activities will take place on Day 4, Lesson 9.

We look forward to seeing everyone throughout the year and wish you all a great start to the 2018/19 school year.

Jodi O’Reilly

Head of PE Dept/ Athletic Director