Learning in PYP 5

Learning in PYP 5

This week was a great learning experience for the PYP 5 learners. They were very excited and enthusiastic about presenting their learning and inquiry about energy, not just to their parents at the ‘Celebration of Learning’ but also to the DP2 physics students and the PS3 learners. PYP 5 students had to change their explanations to suit their audience of different age groups. It was a great way to reflect on their research skills, content and material chosen for their booths. Reflections have played a big part in this unit and helped learners plan their next steps. Throughout this unit, we have been talking about problem solving by finding solutions and this was a great opportunity for them to put this idea into practice (action).

A few student reflections are as follows:

‘We thought that it was harder to explain to PS3 than DP 2 because they would not understand energy and forces. We showed them lots of pictures while we were explaining and they seemed to like that. Some of them were not very focused but some of them listened very well. We also gave them a choice of FeedBack and FeedForward. All of them were thinking about the FeedForward but had no hesitation when it came FeedBack. They were mostly saying things and we were writing because they did not feel comfortable writing on their own. We also limited our explanations because did not want to make them feel bored and feel in a rush to move on to other.All in all I think that it was very successful’.

  • Joshua and Vrinda: PYP 5

 ‘The difference from presenting to the PS3 and DP2 was a lot. I had to explain in a WAY more simple way to the PS3 and very deep to the DP2.
What I changed after the FeedForward was that I added more wings to the turbine because it wasn’t spinning much’.

 Ishaan: PYP 5

 ‘I really liked that we got to do the experiments. It was connected to fan at the end of popsicle sticks which give energy’.

 Alex: PS3

 ‘I like EunSeo’s wind energy experiment because you learn that the wind gives energy’.

 Ansh: PS 3

We would like to thank the Secondary science facilitators, Ms. Maya Gurung and Mr. John Heyworth for all their help and support in enhancing student learning. This collaboration gave depth to student understanding of the central idea: ‘Energy and its conversion through machines and forces, shapes the environment’, in the following ways:

Ms. Maya helped our learners inquire further into the concepts of electrons and energy transformation through different energy experiments and varying conductors and materials. She also helped them understand mechanical, chemical, kinetic and potential energy through experiments involving dependent and independent variables which they scientifically explained and recorded in their science journals.

Mr. Heyworth helped learners understand the concept of electromagnetic energy and energy transformation. Mr. Heyworth conducted experiments which suported learners in understanding how magnetism can also produce sound waves and the relationship between the strength of a magnet and the energy it can produce when connected with electrical circuits.

A few student reflections are as follows:

It was a nice experience as well as fun.  I learnt a lot about energy, magnets and sound and how they are all connected (how magnets can create sound) like our key concept connection’.

 Prakruti: PYP 5

 I liked it because we actually got to do learn fun things like when Mr Heyworth picked up the chair with a magnet. I liked how we were keeping on doing the experiments and not taking a break. I liked how the phone and drum were connected and energy transformed.

  • Aadam: PYP 5



























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