Guys and Dolls Jr. – Update 6

The past week, the EOY team has been working hard to continue with rehearsals and have begun to rehearse the scenes. Apart from blocking, choreography and singing, the ensemble and cast worked on Scene 1. This scene is now almost finished and looking great. The whole team gets together on Mondays, but the individual cast members have been meeting up more during the week and have started blocking and delivering lines for Scenes 2, 8 and 12. These scenes involve Sarah Brown, Sky Masterson, Miss Adelaide and Nathan Detroit. These characters have been working hard to memorize lines and finalize songs.

            This week, we will be introducing to you, Rusty Charlie! Played by Varun Vakil in MYP 5, Rusty Charlie is a small-time gambler sidekick of Nicely-Nicely Johnson. Naturally funny and often seen alongside Benny South street, Rusty Charlie opens the show singing ‘The Fugue for Tin Horns’.

Stay tuned for more information, and another character reveal next week!

Guys & Dolls Jr. Team