Hyderabad Schools choral festival

Last weekend, Ms Shalaka and I brought eight girls in MYP 2 and 3 to represent the school in the Hyderabad Schools Choral Festival. Nine schools and over 170 students participated in the two-day Festival and under the guest conductor Boris Tarakanov.

Our girls learnt four songs under a number of different music educators and performed it from memory at the Festival’s finale concert as part of the 170-strong chorus. During the Festival, it was remarkable how many of our students were leaders in the activities, even though this experience was completely new to them.  Our students displayed amazing tenacity and perseverance throughout, approaching the challenges of 3-4 hour singing sessions with determination.

We hope that you would join with me in congratulating Avanya, Avika, Carmen and Catharina in MYP2 and Prisha, Prithika, Savera and Sharwari in MYP3 for a job well done. There is no doubt that you will be hearing more from these girls in the near future as the Music Department builds its programmes.

Victor Wong [MYP/DP Music Teacher]