How our Community Embraces Storytelling

MBIS was again privileged to have Mr Craig Jenkins, an International Storyteller, visit our school in Tuesday 27th February.  Craig is a firm favourite with our students and staff and they look forward to his visit each year.

Storytelling is an ancient practice and one that can unite, inform, educate and entertain a community.  I think we experienced all those aspects with Craig.

The language benefits of strong telling are of course listening skills and vocabulary development but there are many other benefits to, we use our imagination to create the mental images for his story. We make connections to other stories or our real life experiences. We can view life from the perspective of others and develop empathy with the characters.

Here are some of our community reflections on his visit:

PS3  Recall the storyteller

Storytelling sessions are enjoyed by everyone. Different stories can bring out many of the  various learner profile attributes for a child. They strive to be thinkers and risk-takers by making and narrating their own stories. The day, the storyteller, Mr Craig Jenkins came to MBIS the children of preschool were very excited to meet him. The story narrated by him was that of ‘ The lion and the mouse’. As soon as the story started, the  children were jumping with joy and excitement.

The children were involved in the story. They made the different sounds and actions of the characters in the story. The story was narrated in such a way that the characters were brought to life from imagination by role- playing, which made the children see and feel the characters.

Some students  said that they enjoyed the character of the lion whereas some children liked the role of the mouse in the story, while some of them were fascinated by the setup of the story i.e. the jungle and others liked the many animals involved in the story.

The children showed  some of the IB attitudes too during the storytelling session such as being enthusiastic and also appreciation for  Mr Craig Jenkins at the end of the session.

Overall a joyful experience for the preschoolers.

Reflection on the story telling session by  Mr. Craig  Ishaan PYP 5

On Thursday, a storyteller called  Mr Craig came to our school and told us stories. I have seen Mr Craig before and the part that I really like is that Mr Craig includes us in the story. He asks us to say or sing certain things instead of just standing in front of us and telling the stories.  This makes us feel more connected and involved in what the story is all about.

This year, we heard the story of a lion and a fox followed by the story of a boy who achieves superpowers.

Mr Craig makes his stories creative and he adds actions and songs into the story. I had a lot of fun in this year’s session with Mr Craig and I look forward to his session next year.

Viewpoint of a PYP2 Student by Andre Christie

Mr. Craig was so much fun. PYP2 students along with PYP1 went to see Mr. Craig because we wanted to hear a story. It was amazing to hear his stories. He told us two different stories. One about the Fox and the Lion. And another story about the boy who said “dishoom”. I loved it so much. I wish he would come again soon.Through the eyes of PS2

The storyteller event  is another tradition that the preschooler 2 were fortunate to be a part of. The popular tale of the lion and the mouse with a twist, a song that was captivating and the children as both the audience and co-creators of the story was a treat to our senses and soul.  Mr Craig had us all laugh, roar, squeak and sing and made our morning ridiculously fantastic, giving a whole new meaning to the art of storytelling. He made us feel so comfortable with his creative and funny one liners, gestures and expressions, we were in awe of him. We not only listened to the story but we felt it and we became a part of the story. It was mesmerising. The student reflections of the experience both oral and pictorial shows the impact a storyteller can have on his audience as young as our children. They were asked to share their favourite part of the story.

Here are some of the reflections:

“When the lion was sleeping the mouse came and took the lion’s hair. I did not know that the mouse could do that.”

“I liked that the lion let the mouse go and did not eat him.”

“Never steal my hair again,’ said the lion. The lion was funny.  Mr Craig was funny.

“ The lion sleeping with the mouse.”

“ I liked when the hunter catches the lion and the mouse helps the lion.”

“ I like the roar part of the story.”

“ My favourite part was when the hunter caught the lion and the mouse helps to break the rope.”

“I like Mr.Craig. His story telling was so interesting! I drew all animals that were in the story.”

What did the PYP 1 think ?

Yasine –  Mr Craig’s stories were so funny that I laughed till I cried.

Yueqian – I loved how Mr Craig became all the characters in the story without any props.

Stella – Mr  Craig’s stories were so funny and creative!

Rhea – His stories were so funny  . . . I want to listen to so many more!

Ms Helen and the PYP Team