Make your “dot” and see where it takes you! 

International Dot Day is a highly anticipated global event within our school community. This remarkable day was celebrated on September 15th, to commemorate the beloved book ‘The Dot’, a heartwarming creation by Peter H. Reynolds. It served as a vibrant celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration.   

This year we continued this cherished tradition with the active participation of the three grade levels – P1, P1/P2 and P2. Our enthusiastic learners engaged in a variety of activities that fostered their creative expression. Here are some of the engagements: 

  • P1 – Learners used a range of coloring techniques and loose parts such as CDs and buttons to create mandalas, buntings etc. It was also a wonderful opportunity for them to foster a growth mindset.  After reading the book, learners were asked to share an example of when they tried something new and challenging. They also were able to express their feelings and experience: 

“When I started my gymnasium, I used to take baby steps and was not able to do anything, but I tried and practiced and now I can do a front flip and cartwheel and handstand.” – Araanya 

“When I was little, I used to write only using capital letters, but I practiced a lot and now I know how to write capital letters and small letters correctly.” – Aahanaa 

  • P1/P2 – Young learners took this opportunity to design their own unique dots, showcasing their creativity through a diverse range of patterns and designs. 
  • P2 – Our enthusiastic learners were inspired by dot patterns and reimagined the MIS logo. Using similar colour schemes or symbolism, they were able to make different renditions of what our school logo would look like, if it was only created with dots! 

After reading the book ‘The Dot’, the learners engaged in a meaningful discussion, sharing the connections with the PYP learner profile attributes and reflections of the story with their peers. Then they decided to channel their creativity by drawing dots themselves. Our courtyard transformed into a canvas, with each learner using one tile to design their own unique ‘dot’. Chalks were the medium and creativity flowed freely.  

We also delved into the world of the contemporary Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusuma, whose iconic artworks are renowned for their connection to the theme of dots. George Seurat’s artworks were observed carefully, and the technique of pointillism was used for recreating colour wheels! This was a valuable opportunity for our learners to broaden their artistic horizons!  

At the heart of our celebration, we remained committed to our school mission – “Inspire learning through collaboration.”  International Dot Day served as a powerful reminder of the importance of collaboration in nurturing creativity, fostering courage, and celebrating the diverse talents within our school community. 

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Shilpa and Manasi (P1 Team)  

Heena and Pratima (P1/2 Blended Team) 

Nidhi and Sandhya (P2 Team) 

Works Cited: 

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