MYP1 Visit to Ferrero chocolate factory

I enjoyed my field trip to Phaltan, Satatra. My visit to Chocolate factory in Bharamati was most enjoyable one and I learnt about chocolate production.

I visited the Chocolate Factory called ‘Ferrero’.  When I entered the gates of the chocolate factory, I could notice that they have maintained it very well. The first thing we did when we entered was, we watched a video on the safety precautions taken by the factory and the rules and regulations we have to follow when we visited the production area.

Then we went to the training or conference room. We saw their product advertisements and participated in a short quiz based on the chocolates produced by them.  The best part was that we got “free chocolates” to taste as we took the quiz.

After the quiz, we had to wear an apron, cap and shoe coverings, as we were entering the production area. We saw the whole process of chocolate making. It was really amazing to see how the chocolates were made.

At the end of our visit, we got an opportunity to ask them questions, so that we will be able to complete our IDU. Finally we went back to the training room and thanked the organisers and the staff members who accompanied us and helped us to understand the process of chocolate making.

Then we visited the kindergarten close to the factory started by them to support the children of their staff members and the local people. We saw children from 2 months onwards. They were in a safe and clean place learning, eating healthy food, gardening and playing.

We reflected on our visit to the factory while munching on the delicious crunchy chocolates from gift hampers.

Manya Gupta- MYP 1