IASL Digital Bookmark Exchange 

Every year, in the month of October, we celebrate International School Library Month (ISLM). This initiative by the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) has a yearly theme. This year’s theme is ‘Reading for Peace and Harmony’. 

In the Primary, we participated in the digital bookmark exchange programme. Our P5 learners designed digital bookmark based on the ISLM theme and exchanged them with our counterpart – a school in Lysva, Russia called MBOU School no 2. Throughout the digital bookmark exchange process, our P5 learners enjoyed sharing the delights of reading and how it helps in promoting mindfulness and world peace. True to our school’s mission – Celebrate Diversity, this local to global collaboration allowed us to celebrate diversity, reading, inclusion and build cultural understanding. 

The creative bookmarks that our learner’s made were shared with our friends in Russia. Our learners were equally thrilled to receive theirs from Russia. 

Reaching out to the learners from a different school was not only a learning experience through creative mediums, but an enriching opportunity to take part in the endeavor for world peace and harmony. 

Ms. Devaki Shahagadkar