Igniting our passion for discovery and exploration through the MYP Science fair.

We deliberately aim to provide MBIS students with a range of opportunities to explore, ignite and then follow what excites them in the world around them.

Today was no exception – it was the day of the MYP Science Fair.  The purpose of the Science fair is to give students the autonomy to research an area of personal interest to them and then to devise a practical investigation based upon that research, aiming to extend its application to the community. The approach is collaborative, project based and inquiry led, in line with the ethos of the MYP.

The event was launched by our special guest speaker, Professor Somak who had studied at Oxford University, Cambridge University and is currently the Director of IUCAA (Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics)  based in Pune.  He spoke enthusiastically about the importance of being excited as a young Scientist able to see different perspectives on a shared problem.  Professor Somak spoke to students about seeing the world scientifically and the benefits of using a scientific approach in everyday life.

This set the tone for a morning of excited discussions, demonstrations and displays about the impact of Science on world beyond MBIS, between MYP1,2,3 students, our staff, parents and other students from PYP and across the entire MBIS community.

Projects such as ‘How do we learn?” focusing on neuroplasticity  and  ‘Purity of water” using local materials highlighted the community spirit that our students had chosen to investigate. The diversity of personal interests grounded in scientific inquiry was a joy to see and all credit to the students and Science teachers who have guided the students to ignite their passion as young scientists.

Reflections from individual students will follow in next week’s newsletter.