Inquiry into : Movement and Mindfulness – P5 Exhibition

Hello. I am Hridaan. For my exhibition inquiry, I have chosen to inquire about how movement and mindfulness can change the states of mind.Why did I select my inquiry?  I chose my inquiry because I thought it was a good idea. Originally, I was going to choose how money is evolved, but when mom said this, I switched to Movement and Mindfulness right away.

My central idea was:  Movement and Mindfulness help us process our emotions. My lines of Inquiry were:

  1. The different states of mind
  2. How movement changes the states of mind
  3. Using movement to promote mindfulness

My transdisciplinary themes were:

  1. Who we are:  In mindfulness, we need to let go of all thoughts and focus on ourselves. In movement, if we are not concentrating on us, we might get injured.
  2. How we organise ourselves: In the exhibition we organised a lot of things. We are mindful when organised.

My focus Learner Profile attributes were:

  • Knowledgeable- I explored new knowledge about Movement and Mindfulness over a range of subjects.
  • Reflective- I considered the global issue of well being and reflected on ways that I can be more mindful through movement.

My UN Goals was number 3:  Good health and well being. 

It is connected because when you do mindfulness and movement, your health improves.

My approaches to learning were:

Research Skills-  I asked questions and gathered information in my journal. I organized and sorted my information for each line of inquiry. I am communicating my findings through my slides and website.

My links to the school Mission and Vision were:

One of the pillars in the mission is “Promote Learning” and that’s what my inquiry is about- Promoting movement and mindfulness

During my research I found out…..

  • Movement and Mindfulness can help decrease depression
  • When you practice mindfulness, you develop a better conceptual understanding
  • There are a lot of mindfulness activities which include movement

Primary resources – I interviewed Mr Underhill and Ms Shambavi, the counselors at our school to gather primary information. Several teachers from the primary and some of my family members participated in a survey about how movement changes your emotions.

Secondary resources- I referred to several online websites and videos. Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry


Final exhibition presentation- Hridaan  My slides and website will only be accessible via an MISP email id. 

Inquiry that leads to action!

My personal action will be to get a group of people and give them weekly challenges.

I ask you to take action by practicing movement and mindfulness daily.

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