Visiting author inspires learning in the primary section of MIS. 

On 9th February 2024, MIS had the privilege of hosting the author Jyoti Rajan Gopal, who is also a passionate kindergarten teacher. She interacted with our youngest learners from EY1 to P2, focusing on her books, ‘My Paati’s Saris’ and ‘American Desi’.  

We not only worked on communication skills, but we honed some of our reading skills such as inference, prediction, connection and reflection.  The stories selected had a connection to the members of our community as they explored themes such as: 

  • Family connections 
  • Memories 
  • Living as a third culture kid 

Our enthusiastic early years’ learners enjoyed listening to Ms. Jyoti read ‘My Paati’s Saris’. This vibrant book, adorned with pictures of colourful saris tells the story of a boy who finds comfort in his grandmother’s saris. Jyoti’s animated expression and dance made her storytelling interactive and fun. She then encouraged our younger learners to share their thoughts on a sari, some recognized them, while some were unsure. We then surprised them by unraveling a sari, it was a delight to watch each learner’s expression to see the length of a sari! 

P1 learners were engrossed listening to ‘American Desi’. This is a story of a child with deep connections to her Indian heritage and equally strong connections to the culture she is embracing in the United States.  Ms. Jyoti shared her own narrative through interesting pictures of her, highlighting her identity, culture, passions and hobbies. She then prompted our learners to share aspects of themselves with their peers. 

Before delving into ‘My Paati’s saris’ with our P2 learners, Ms. Jyoti conducted a fun quick fact quiz to gauge their prior knowledge of a sari. She then read the story with them and shared the interesting background information as to why she wrote this story. 

Following on from the book, she engaged the learners in a math estimation task, challenging them to predict how many of them standing shoulder to shoulder could make the length of a sari. Out of several estimations, ranging from 12 to 20, 17 emerged as the correct answer. 

We all had an incredible experience with Ms. Jyoti’s visit to MIS!  We have copies of her books in our library, and they can be ordered locally too.  

Link for buying her titles – 

More books in our library by Ms Jyoti 

Coming soon 

We look forward to her new books being published soon and will ensure they are added to the school library.  

PYP Library team 

Image credits: Accessed 13 Feb. 2024.