Our last ISACI season for this year culminated in our Eagles Swim team placing 2nd overall last weekend in Delhi. MBIS sent their largest team of 26 swimmers to the competition to compete in all 6 categories. The overall school competition is determined by schools displaying depth in their programme whilst awards are also given for winning each division.

MBIS finished 2nd overall after finishing each age group in the following position:

15+ Boys         2nd place

15+ Girls         3rd place

13/14 Boys      3rd place

13/14 Girls       3rd place

10-12 Boys      2nd place

10-12 Girls      2nd place.

MBIS was well represented on the medal dias with many swimmers coming away with multiple placings in the top  3 and everyone giving their full effort as only the fastest 6 swimmers in each event qualified for the finals. Their team spirit was high throughout the morning sessions when all the heats were held and their fighting spirit on display during all finals. Although we had some star performers who came away with gold medals, it was those that did not receive gold medals that showed our depth and helped us to 2nd place overall. This is not possible with just superstars. It shows our team commitment, pride and ability to perform under pressure.

Congratulations and well done to our Eagle swim team on a fantastic performance.

ISACI Awards

This year we are introducing ISACI Sports Awards. These will be presented during an upcoming assembly with details to follow shortly.

ISACI 2018/19

The schedule is set for next year with MBIS hosting Boys Basketball and The Middle School Sports Festival.

Boys Basketball                                  MBIS               4-6 Oct

Girls Soccer                                        SIS                  4-6 Oct

Boys Soccer                                       SIS                  29 Nov – 1 Dec

Girls Basketball                                   TBS                 29 Nov – 1 Dec

Middle School Sports Festival            MBIS               31 Jan – 2 Feb

Boys Cricket                                       ISH                  7-9 Mar

Girls Volleyball                                    ISH                  7-9 Mar

Boys & Girls Swimming                      TBS                 4-6 Apr