Throughout our DP-2 year, the question of whether our exhibition could physically happen stayed in the back of our minds, but we continued to complete our pieces. We are a small class of five: Mihir Singh, Mahika Rishi, Aryan Rai, Nidhi Gaur, and Vania Imaduddin. Our artworks span various mediums such as acrylic, oil painting, photography, mixed media, and digital painting. Through experimentation and sharing, we have finally curated our pieces at the end of our diploma programme. For the first time in MISP, the exhibition which we produced is entirely on a digital platform

The exhibition is titled, Maanav, meaning “human” in Hindi. While we were brainstorming title options, we came across the revelation that the first letters of our names made up the letters in “maanav.” In our experimental, digitally-based exhibition, the title links back to ourselves, the humans, who created the art. Furthermore, the association of the letters to our artwork is prevalent in the poster, in which each individual letter involves our favorite pieces.

From Teacher:

This year’s Diploma Programme Visual Arts Exhibition has to be one of the most complex endeavors I have ever experienced while working with a group of young artists on their journey and completion of this final challenge. Without hesitation, I have to point out the flexibility and adaptability that this group brought to the exhibition space. Showing work can become a very sensitive moment for any artist and often this brings with it much stress and frustration. MAANAV is the exact opposite, all students involved picked up the pieces and guided this collection of work into the digital space for you to enjoy in the most positive ways. Opinion, disagreements and gentle suggestions along with encouragement was a constant as we steadily moved towards this product, which is the exhibition itself. This Virtual Exhibition reflects what our class experienced along the way. You will see self-healing, deep emotion and exploration of the surreal melancholy of what was only now to change. It takes the audience on a discovery of who these complex artists are as people as well as provides hints as to the future. It is with great pride that I introduce to you MAANAV an exhibition of humans.

For the purposes of confidentiality, the students have not placed their names on the work within the digital platform. There is however a, title, and student artist name page for you to digitally carry into the gallery space. Also, after clicking the link provided you will see the option to click another Enter Exhibition, and there you will see on the left-hand side of your screen Manual or Guided tour. If you click the “i” you will see the title, size, medium and exhibition text of each piece in the gallery. Please visit MANAAV and enjoy the wonderful work of our graduating seniors at Mahindra International School.

Mahika Rishi

A Leaf Into Your Eye



The Yellow Glare

Dialectic Resolution

Aryan Rai

Childhood Distortion

Hyperbolic Expressions

Traditional Replacements

Nostalgic Remnants

Vania Imaduddin







lket rambut

Mihir Singh

The Three Fates

The Price of a Life


Beauty and the Beast

In the Woods


The Looking Glass



Nidhi Gaur






Blood and Tears

The Mask

Greed of Charybdis

            Maanav will be available on Saturday, May 1st, 2021 and run throughout May 31, 2021.