Math Olympiad in the PYP

We have a thriving Extra Curricular Activity (ECA)  that currently runs each Wednesday in the Primary School.  This ECA is run purely by a dedicated team of parent volunteers who not only plan and lead the session each week but also invigilate the annual test. Each year group are awarded 3 medals for the top 3 students.

PYP 3             Gold                            Rithvik

Silver                          Narin

Bronze                       Jaeseong


PYP 4             Gold                            Kanav

Silver                          Priyanka

Bronz                         Sanah

PYP 5             Gold                            Kotaro

Silver                          Ishaan

Bronze                       Aadi

In the first two terms of the year the ECA is for the PYP 3 to PYP 5 students and they focus is the preparation for the Math exam that takes place in early December.  This is an external exam and we are only given two date opinions on which it can take place.

In the third and fourth term the club opens it’s doors to PYP 2, this helps them explore what this ECA is about but the focus here is more on Math games, challenges and quizzes.

Our students are keen to participate in this ECA and it always has a high number of participants and here are some of the reasons why:

Aadi: “The Math Olympiad helps me extend my math skills. The way we get taught, makes it even more fun to learn math.”

Sanghun:” I like attending the Math Olympiad Club because after we finish our task, we can learn math through play like using Kahoots.”

  Prakruti: Math Olympiad helps me learn different skills which help me get better at math. Even if someone does not really enjoy math, the club helps them enjoy and get better at it.

William: I like attending math olympiad because it helps me remember different math styles and learn new things about math and its nice to give my Mum a hug every wednesday at school.

Avantika:  I joined Math Olympiad because I wanted to improve my mathematical skills and attend exams which would test me on how much math I understood in my ECA. Another reason why I joined math olympiad is because my mom was very good in math when she was a child so I want to prove it to my mom that I am good in math just like her.   THANK YOU!!!

Pranjal “I liked math Olympiad because it was challenging.”

Sia D “I liked it I could get better at math and I could learn many more things. Also because my mom teaches it.”

PYP 4: In Math Olympiad semester 1 – Parents were very good with the tests and other learning activities. Sometimes the activities would get chaotic and students would end up being grumpy for the rest of the lesson. In the tests everyone would be quite because the parents by then learned how to control the math Olympiad kids. The parents also made the club a bit fun preventing people to leave the ECA.

Math Olympiad semester 2 -In semester 2 parents and teachers took the lessons lightly in a good way. Parents for PYP 4 came up with the idea of doing Kahoot and giving snacks at the end of the class.

On behalf of the PYP faculty and students I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our committed parent volunteers and in particular Ms Rachana for her coordination of this ECA.

PYP2 Aparna, Ami , Caroline and Aastha

PYP 3 – Ruchi, Kelly (a revolving team on mums in support)

PYP4  Pritika,Aikta and Eileen

PYP5 Sunita and Rachana

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to promote learning.

Ms. Helen