MBIS Model United Nations

From the 15th to the 17th of February 2018, MBIS held their tenth annual Model United Nations conference. Since we were celebrating ten years of heated debate, thought provoking speeches and effective resolutions, we knew that this M.U.N would be a special one. The theme for this year was Sovereignty and Internationalism, which is relevant because of issues that plague our world today: simmering independence movements, nationalistic economic policies, and severences of age-old ties. These issues have taken place before but they recur as if in a cycle, because history repeats itself. The theme was set so that our generation can understand the cycle, spark a change, and try to break it. The conference began with the opening ceremony, which featured a rap performance by student Anish Satpute, who goes by the stage name ANNIHIL8. His original rap, titled “Regressive Progression”, discussed free speech which related to the theme and really set the tone for the entire conference. We then had a great speech from Ms. Pushpinder Rana about how internationalism and sovereignty are connected, and how it can affect one’s view. We ended the ceremony with a speech from the Secretary General, Uday Mehra, about the significance of the number 10. After the speech the Secretary General officially opened the 10th MBISMUN.

The conference was interesting in every single committee, as there were controversial and stimulating topics for each council. They discussed issues including cryptocurrency, social injustice against Muslims, and the issue of Catalonian independence. The delegates got passionately involved in their topics and made sure they knew their countries’ stances, delivering their opening speeches like professionals. They had time to discuss and come up with resolutions, which were heavily debated in each council. Everything was going swimmingly, until the ‘crisis’ struck.

The crisis is a time-honoured tradition of the Model United Nations, where the Executive Board creates a fake catastrophe in which each council has to come up with a resolution. Last year, the crisis was on extraterrestrials coming to earth, and it was announced with sirens. This year, the board decided to go with something more individual for each committee. The chairs’ laptops were “hacked”, and on it was a video of a mysterious man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. He told the committees that they had been ruining lives for enough time, and that they had to look at one of their past mistakes and “atone for their sins”. The man said that the committee couldn’t leave until they finished their task. Then suddenly, the ‘man with the mask’ appeared outside the door, ripped the committee name off of it, and “trapped” them inside. This filled the delegates with adrenaline, which they directed towards framing their resolutions. Each committee looked at an event which they specifically failed in preventing, such as the Korean War. This crisis was not only unique, but helped bring everyone together, leading to more debate.

There was so much growth during the course of the conference; delegates became more self-assured, poised and reflective. At the beginning, some could not deliver a speech properly, but by the end, they were able to improvise, think on their feet and discuss issues responsibly in a mature fashion.

Ahan Dhar (D.P-1) Photos by Harvey Bebbington Jones (D.P-1) and Mahika Rishi (M.Y.P-4)