DP Orientation Trip 2017

The academic year for the DP students began with an activity filled DP Orientation and bonding trip to Nature trails camp, Kundalika. The entire DP cohort Ms. Daisy, Mr. Getter, Ms. Anjali Singh, Ms. Reena and I, boarded the buses and left for Kolad with the Adventure Mantras group on the morning of the 10th August 2017.

The students were grouped into four teams for most of their activities. These helped students identify their own strengths, and the strengths of their team members. They learnt some new skills too; cooking with bare necessities was what they had never done before. The next day we all drove to the Kundalika river and did white water rafting. All the students and the teachers participated and enjoyed the rafting. With more adventure activities, a night trek through the forest, the Zip line and Burma Bridge, the trip ended on Saturday the 12th August at school.

The major outcomes of this trip were evident in the bonding of the DP cohort and the new students mingling easily with their peers. The trip was about reinforcing the importance of physical activities for a balanced life style and the rationale for the inclusion of activity as a component of CAS.

We have begun this year’s Diploma Programme on a very good note and I am confident that this group of students will do MBIS proud with a transfer of their learning on the trip, to their life.

Anjali Bhardwaj

DP Coordinator.