Middle School Sports Festival

From the 1st – 3rd of February, selected students from MYP 1, 2 & 3 attended the Middle School Sports Festival in Bangalore. This ISACI Tournament requires athletes to play two sports: Basketball and Football. The MBIS Boys and Girls Teams were very excited to play this tournament. We travelled to Stonehill International School, Bangalore ready to show what we could do after months of hard work and practise.

Over the period of three days, we met people who we would not have met otherwise. We quickly became friends with teams from other schools, of which we’ll be keeping in touch with for many years to come. We developed strong bonds with our host families, as well as those we played with on the court and field. This taught us that not everything is about winning, but also about sportsmanship and friendship. By the end of the tournament, we were sad to leave and say goodbye to all the friends we made, but were also so happy that we got the opportunity to do so.

Even though both our teams did not win the tournament, we gave it our everything. The girls came from not being able to pass a ball, to defending almost every attack in the games. We played the best we could and tried our hardest to show that practise and perseverance pays off. Even when giving away an easy basket or goal, losing close matches, missing perfect opportunities and sometimes, just bad luck, the MBIS Eagles never gave up and fought hard till the end.

The boys did not win anything, being the runner-up in basketball and 3rd position in football. However, we are proud of ourselves and our coaches who led us from November and till the end of the tournament through ups and downs. We lost our first matches in both basketball and football, we were demotivated and hit the rock bottom from the starting of the tournament. However, one thing we have learnt was to not give up and try our best while being in the worst situation possible which sounds very easy but when you are in that situation, it’s hard and we all know that. All in all, a lot of tears, hard works, achievements and great memories above all. We’ll be sure to remember all of the amazing memories we made on this trip.

Us as captains representing the team are so proud of our squad and it was a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. We are thankful to our coaches, teammates, schools and our families for giving us the opportunity to perform in the Middle School Sport Festival. It was and will be an everlasting memory and once again, thank you to every one of those who made this event possible.