Model United Nations at MBIS

The new academic year has just begun and the CCAs are in place with students having signed up for their preferred activities.  The MUN team is proud to announce that we have in our student body some very high achievers and committed MUNers.  Their leadership quality and their ability to conduct themselves with a confidence backed by sound knowledge of proceedings has been recognized by the organisers of two of the biggest MUN conferences in this part of the world. It is time to celebrate this success.

We are very happy to announce that Sneh Deshpande of MYP 5 has been selected as Deputy Chair of the General Assembly 2nd Committee for the upcoming THIMUN conference at Singapore.

Three others – Shreya Margale, Trisha Gupta and Mehek Mehra – have been selected to be Deputy Chairs at their respective councils at the THIMUN affiliated CHEMUN conference at Chennai later this year.

These achievements are the result of focused effort on the part of these students and the final selections are based on recommendations of the MUN advisor.

We wish these and all our MUN students the very best for a productive MUN season ahead and hope to see many more students emulating these four achievers.

– Lila Ravichandran