My Exhibition blog post

Hello my name is Juna and I’m in the class P5.

The exhibition was a great experience for me even if it was difficult. The exhibition was great because I’ve never done such a big project before and I learned a lot for example

  • I learned how to use different media and a lot about climate change.   
  • I chose the topic climate change because climate change is a real problem and if we  don’t take responsibility for our planet then we probably can not live on earth anymore.

My central idea was- Human beings contribute to climate change. I think\know that we are the cause of climate change, because of our lifestyle.

My lines of inquiry were understanding climate change,

impact of climate change on the world

action to stop climate change.

My concepts were causation, change and responsibility.

First, I worked on getting the basic information like the difference between weather and climate, what climate change and the greenhouse effect are. Then I found out about the consequences for example floods, wildfires, storms and melting ice. Finally, I gathered ideas on how each of us could take action.

I can find myself in following learner profiles: as an Inquirer, I had to get used to all the different media. I learned about my subject and that even when you do something wrong, at the end everything can be good! I am a Risk taker, because I never did a presentation in English before and I shared a song which I have written on my own. 

I connected my work with four UN sustainable development goals: climate action, responsible consumption and production, sustainable cities and communities, affordable and clean energy.

I connected to the MIS vision because I am an independent learner, I had to get my information by myself (sometimes not). I am open minded because I listened to other ideas. I am flexible because of the coronavirus, I had to change my concept and I made slides instead of posters. And because of a technical issue I had to do the presentation twice. I am a risk-taker because I did a presentation in a different language and I shared my song even, though I was very afraid about it.

During the Exhibition I found out many things about climate change e.g. about the greenhouse effect and its consequences. I used many secondary sources e.g. books and websites, videos and one movie to understand the topic and gather information. I also used one primary source, when I made interviews with my parents and grandparents.

My action will be to tell everybody about climate change that everybody has to do something. It can be a small thing or a big thing but at least something. My personal action is to walk, ride my bike and save electricity e.g. by putting the lights off when I go out of the room. And I will say the same to others like use public transportation instead of using the car, to buy local and seasonal and don’t waste.

Here is the link to Juna’s Exhibition