“Wow, are we celebrating book week in school?”

This was the question asked by one of the MYP2 students. Yes, this year (25th April to 29th April 2022) we celebrated Book Week on campus. This is the biggest event celebrated in the library. One could see the excitement and enthusiasm among the students.

‘In keeping with this year’s theme, You are a Reader, the Secondary Library arranged activities to promote reading and love of books. 

Keeping in mind the Covid-19 protocols, this year’s author’s talk was organised virtually, and the author invited was Ms Mini Srinivasan.  She is a writer and child activist.  A very curious class of MYP1 students attended this session with lots of questions and interaction with the author.

Ketaki Sardesai, a journalist-cum-scriptwriter visited campus to interact with the MYP4 students.  She shared her reporting experiences and gave tips on how to draft reports.  Students asked questions on today’s media and journalism, specifically whether the media is biased in today’s world.  It was a good interactive session for students. 

MIS was proud to introduce our budding author Ruperi Jadhav from DP 1.  She has authored a romantic novel The Merciless.  This book was released during Book Week, and Ruperi shared her experiences of writing and the problems she faced while publishing this book.  Her book is available on Amazon. Students asked questions about her commitment to writing and reading. She was well supported by our teachers attending her session and asking questions. 

Vector Design was the unit for MYP 2 students in their Design lesson in which the library was taken on as a client.  In collaboration with the library, the students created Genre labels and posters.  This project went on for six weeks, but the screening and display took place during Book Week.  The importance of the generafication of the library and what challenges they faced in this process was shared and discussed by students.  A selection survey was taken with the help of other classes and the selected labels will now be used on the spine of fiction books to segregate the collection into various genres. 

The most exciting event was the Popcorn Competition in which all thehomeroom classes participated.  Every homeroom was assigned one country from the MIS community to show the diversity of our school. The challenge was to design a poster on A3 size paper, displaying one famous author from the allotted country, his/her work, images, quotes, and culture of that country.  We covered 14 MIS countries on the posters. The attraction of the competition was the “Popcorn Train” where all the designed posters were displayed.  The non-homeroom teachers were the judges, and they selected the MYP 5A poster (INDIA) as the winner of the competition.  There was another’ special mention; a Judge’s Choice award given to MYP 2A who displayed the PHILLIPINES on their poster.  Students were very excited to have the popcorn party. 

There was lot of happening throughout this week and this was possible with the help and support of teachers and students. Thank you to our Principal Patrick McCarthy for his approval to go ahead with this event, the Language & Literature and Design teachers for giving their lessons for author talks, special thanks to all the Homeroom teachers to encourage students to participate in the competition, the judges, Ms Madhuri Jadhav, Ms Megha Sharma and Mr Aakash Sane, and all the Supreme Staff and Cafeteria staff for their timely help. Of course, thank you to all the students for their support. 

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” — Frederick Douglass

Sunita Malekar

Secondary Librarian