My exhibition – Water Pollution

Hello my name is Hyeona. I am from Korea.

I chose to inquire about water pollution because I am interested in learning about water pollution

My central idea was: Water pollution impacts on marine life and human

My lines of Inquiry were:

1. Causes of water pollution

2.Impact on people and marine life

3.Things we can do to reduce water pollution

My transdisciplinary theme was: How the world works

My concepts were




My related concepts were  Consequences and sustainability

My focus Learner Profile attributes were:

Risk taker: I did my presentation in English

My UN Goals was number: 14 title: Life below

My approaches to learning were :  Research and communication skills

My links to the school Mission and vision were : increase responsibility, Interested in writing and researching. And I worked with my partner.

Main Conceptual understandings (findings, facts and insights)

During my research I found out how the water is polluting, How to stop polluting the water

I used primary resources Oliver’s mom shared information about water pollution

I used secondary resources websites, books

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry

Google slides link here

Inquiry that leads to action!

I ask you to take action by Not wasting water and not causing water pollution