Meet The Teachers Day – Secondary School

On Tuesday, 30 August, we had the opportunity to welcome more than 100 parents onto campus with their children for the annual Meet the Teachers (MTT) Day. The event was an opportunity for parents to meet their children’s teachers and feel the learning environment within the school. Parents followed a condensed modified schedule where they had the chance to sit in all the classes their daughter or son is taking. It was great seeing students guide their parents around campus. This was a remarkable shift from the last couple of years when the MTT was done through online platforms.

During the scheduled rotation blocks, parents had the chance to get to know their child’s teachers and were immersed in various activities. The advisory session allowed learners to share their SMART goals with their parents and guided them through their plans. In the music class, students engaged their parents and showed them how to work with the keyboard. While in the science class, students had a mini-guided activity they completed with their parents. These are just a few examples of the various activities facilitated in the classrooms. Meet the Teachers Day was filled with learning, participation, and engagement. It is one of our annual activities that demonstrates a shared partnership between the school and parents.