News Roundup From The PYP Artsphere

The PYP Art room has been a beehive of activity this semester and creativity has been at its peak! For this, all credit goes to Mrs. Christina Clinton who worked in collaboration with all the Teaching Assistants of P1 -P5 to cover my classes and execute plans while I was away on long leave for the birth of my granddaughter.

P1 concluded their study on art in their daily lives observing and exploring a variety of objects, textures and patterns in nature, on buildings and on clothes. They used different materials, media and techniques to show their understanding.

P2 explored how an artists’ imagination and creativity helps them to communicate their ideas and feelings.

The also explored secret codes and dabbled in writing a letter in a code of their own for their teachers to decipher!

P3 were engaged in understanding how our personal beliefs, values and culture influence the art we create. The students self-reflected on their qualities creating self-portraits to show this. They were also exposed to a new medium in glass painting and chose a value that was most important to them to design posters and book marks.

P4 were engaged in the study of various objects and textures that could be used to make their art interesting. They focused on the use of only upcycled/recycled materials. Students worked in groups to demonstrate their understanding of the Approaches to Learning through collages using upcycled materials.

The students also designed utility items out of discarded CDs


P5 engaged in deep self-reflection for their year long unit Who we are. They thought, brainstormed, discussed and argued their perceptions about themselves and their peers, how they thought others perceived them and what qualities they would like to aspire towards. This soul-searching resulted in the creation of a three-part series of art works. Their reflections included what actions they could take to achieve their goals


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