MYP Job Fair

Last week, the MYP5s as well as the MYP4s had a job fair session, where we had guests with various different career paths talk about their occupation, what they studied, how their day-to-day looks like and much more. We had a wide range of guests that all did something completely different from each other so that we could have insight on career paths, even careers we might not have considered looking into. What I personally found interesting was how the duration for university courses differed depending on the country. My most important take-away after listening to the guest speakers was the fact that what you do for higher education or what degree you take in university does not determine how your future will look like. You might opt for something in high-school or even university that will be the complete opposite on what you end up doing, whether this be a change in interest, a different opportunity, or moving to a new country, which was a good insight for us to see, so that we do not feel as restricted or limited in the future because of our choices.  

Malaika, MYP5.  

On the 20th of January, students of MYP 4 and 5 gathered to interact with professionals ranging from Nobel Peace Prize winners to pilots. With a conference spanning for around 2 hours, all the professionals spoke about their career, life, important factors that were visibly only experienced with hands-on work. Students also got the opportunity to ask the professionals questions in hopes to get a better understanding about their future as well.  

Personally, as a student of MYP5, I loved to interact with the professionals that were exactly in the field that I wanted to be and I could ask questions that made me change my outlook on the profession. The insider information that the speakers provided would not be found anywhere else as there was a sense of warmth and sincerity between the students and the professionals too. In my opinion, the job fair is a great way that our school helps us out with the daunting decision of making our choice in careers especially with so many opportunities available.  

Vir, MYP5A.