MYP1 Core – Learning about Organization

“Organization and education, when they interact with each other, they strengthen each other, they are mutually supportive”

This quote was given by a famous author Noam Chomsky. The author was at times referred to as Mr. Organiser because of how he used to Organise his work. This is a good inspiration for us students.

From the beginning of August until the 24 of September, the MYP1 students engaged in organization under the Approaches to learning- Self-Management Skills.

Students have been learning about various strands such as:

  • Finding different ways or tools to show organization skills such as:
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Classroom
  • ManageBac
  • Paper Calendars
  • To Do lists
  • Reminders on various devices
  • Google Drive/ Team Drives
  • Organizing Drive
  • Organizing Gmail
  • Understanding and looking at all of the different ways to organize your work and reflecting on it.
  • Use these tools as our new organization support and use them often
  • Working on self-management and brainstorming different examples

In this module, to understand more about self-management skills and organization we watched a presentation, which helped us understand more about the concept and why we need it.

In this presentation, we identified that self-management is vital and a key needed things for our engagement in learning.

Our class enjoyed this module as it helped us learn more about all kinds of tools and approaches we could make/use and taught us a lot, we mostly enjoyed this as we are new to MYP1 so students who are new to school will learn more about all of these tools we use, this also applies to students who have come before as there are new sites and because everyone is still new to MYP so this would help keep everything up to date and stay on task.

Secondly, we got to know the true importance or the innermost value of this skill. As mentioned above it was a true experience for everyone.

Even though technology can be challenging and even though a lot of us already knew/ learned about a lot of these useful tools, everyone learned something new and everyone in MYP1 is now using all these ways to keep themselves on task, keep themselves up to date, to keep reminders.

Written By: Vir Bhure and Lea Abbani.