News from the PE and Athletic desk

Secondary Sports Day

Sports Day for the Secondary School took place on Wednesday with all MYP students participating all day and DP students coming to join us at select times. (read more…)

The morning started with our Annual Miracle Mile and the top distance runners from each year group participating. Congratulations goes to all our Miracle Mile runners as well as the following students who placed first in their grade level:

MYP 1             Emma and Tommaso

MYP 2             Carmen and Jae Jin

MYP 3             Ira and Myungchan

MYP 4             Shreya J and Yuvaan

MYP 5             Trisha and Anmol

DP 1                Aryan and Beatrice

DP 2                Savannah and Akash.

Following on from this all students raced in the sprint event with many close races. All students received valuable points for their houses in the 50m sprint with points being spread evenly amongst all 4 houses. The circular relays saw Prithvi (Green house) dominate and narrow the gap after Jal (Blue house) had taken an early lead. With DP students returning to class after relays the MYP moved onto the mass participation activities with every students taking part in the Obstacle Race, Tchoukball Toss and Robbing the Nest. As we moved into lunch Jal had pulled away to an 85 point lead with Prithvi and Vayu fighting it out for second.

After the break saw students participate in the popular basketball and soccer events with many points available. Vayu (yellow house) started to fight back winning the Soccer Penalty Kicks with agni (Red House) starting to make a move. The day culminated in the popular Team Triathlon with cross grade students competing in a swim, skip and situps tag relay. Jal showed their dominance winning both events and securing their place as the Secondary Sports Day House Champions for 2017/18.

Final points:

Champions      Jal (Blue)         1528 points

Runners up     Prithvi (Green)

3rd place         Vayu (Yellow)

4th place         Agni (Red)

ISACI updates

Our next round of ISACI tournaments take place next week. Our Boys Soccer heads to Stonehill and the Girls Basketball is being hosted here at MBIS. Good luck to our Eagle teams.

On Monday 27th Nov tryouts and practices for the Middle School Sports Festival will take place. This event is open to only MYP 1, 2 and 3 students who did not participate in the open soccer or basketball teams. MBIS need 10 boys and 10 girls to attend this tournament in Bangalore first week of February and they all need to be able to participate in both basketball and soccer. At the same time practices will start for Boys Cricket and Girls Volleyball which will compete in their tournaments in early March, 2018. Sign ups are on the PE door.

Primary Swimming

All primary swimming classes will now become PE. Only Primary Swimming ECA will continue with students doing land training as well as less swimming.