Our Early Years Annual Trip to Japalouppe

In the Early years, we realize and value the importance of reconnecting with nature and fostering empathy for all living beings is more crucial than ever. On our annual field trip to ‘Japalouppe,’ our EY learners embarked on a journey of discovery, where the focus was on building a profound sense of empathy and care for our animal friends. As they interacted with a diverse range of creatures, from gentle turtles to curious goats, the children demonstrated attributes of the learner profile by exhibiting care, courage, and responsibility towards all living things. Through experiences like feeding and petting the animals, they develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of our natural world, knowing that we need to do our best to protect what we have now. 

This trip helped us align with the ethos of Mahindra International School and its definition of learning, it was evident that ‘experiential’ learning played an important role in nurturing deeper connections among the children with both the unit of inquiry and their personal inquiries.  

This experiential learning provided opportunities for the learners to develop some ATL skills: 

Social, by listening closely to information showing respect to others, by cooperating in a group as they shared resources and space and took turns feeding the animals and interacting with them with care. 

Research skills as they observed the animals using all senses to understand the characteristics of some animals, look for similarities in their physical appearance, food, habitat etc. and asking questions. 

Thinking skills by learning new information and making connection between new ideas and their prior knowledge. 

Self- management skills by completing tasks, taking care of self during the trip and adjusting to new situations with confidence. 

This field trip helped with making the learning ‘contextual’ as we all explored the theme ‘Sharing the planet’ in the early years. The joy and wonder on their faces as they bonded with their furry and feathered friends are a testament to the transformative power of connecting with nature. We believe experiential learning engagements lay the foundation for a lifelong commitment to caring for all living things. 

The EY1 were risk-takers as they handled and petted the animals although they were scared and as inquirers, they used their senses to explore, learn about animals around us. 

EY2: Being principled and open-minded when they took turns petting the dog. 

EY3: Our EY3 learners demonstrate compassion and care for our animal friends. 

Authored by the Early Years Teaching Team 

Pictures by the Early Years Teaching Team 


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