P5 Exhibition Journey Update

P5 learners and teachers are closing in on the half-way mark of their Exhibition as they have completed 4 weeks of their 9-week inquiry journey. Central ideas are set, inquiry has begun and research is in full swing! The following are just four of the highlights over the past two weeks…


All learners were assigned mentors for the Exhibition and have now started their mentor meetings. Twelve members of the Primary teaching staff volunteered to mentor groups and individual learners throughout the inquiry process twice a week. P5 learners document these meetings by taking minutes in their Exhibition journal, a useful skill that links directly to skills they will need in real-life. MIS believes that learning happens best when it is applicable; as learners put this self-management skill into practice, they can transfer this skill in many areas. Mentors help students set and meet their goals by asking questions, suggesting resources, helping to interpret difficult information and facilitating primary sources for interviews. Mentors serve as a vital guide, an additional “voice” that bring multiple perspectives and pillar of support throughout the exhibition.

Academic Integrity Session

On Wednesday, 12 March, P5 learners joined their parents for a special session led by Ms. Elizabeth Cominole, our Information Architect and Learning Specialist, on Academic Integrity and My Bib. The P5 learning community first explored MIS’ stance on academic integrity as described in the school’s Academic Integrity Policy. The Policy highlights how academic integrity is linked to the learner profile attributes of principled, thinkers and inquirers as well as the approaches to learning (ATL) of research, self-management and communication skills. The session further explored how academic integrity connects to our mission – Encourage responsibility, and the fundamental and significant role it takes throughout the school. The session also considered how leaners throughout MIS are encouraged to research, take notes and use this information to “create” using their voice. Instead of consuming others’ ideas, we encourage the learners to take information from consumption in order to create, using technological tools. Ms. Elizabeth also demonstrated how to use the citation tool, My Bib, to parents as our learners from P4 use this tool regularly as they develop more sophisticated skills related to academic integrity.

Logo Creation

All P5 learners were asked to draft a logo for the Exhibition which represents all the inquiries in P5 and the transdisciplinary theme – How we organize ourselves. The final logo will be used on the class Exhibition website, invitations, journals and other areas. The final logo will be decided shortly but here are just a few of the drafts submitted as learners explored how to represent this Exhibition through visual arts. The following are drafts and initial ideas… stay tuned for the final logo as we finish this collaborative process.

Parent Update

A new feature of the Exhibition process this year are parent check-in meetings, a parent suggestion from our first parent Exhibition meeting in January. Honoring parent voice, we incorporated parent check-in meets into the process every two weeks. This check-in meet is a chance to recap what has happened, what is coming up and how parents can support during that particular point in the Exhibition. Increased communication with parents is vital in any Exhibition, but particularly as learners are engaging virtually this year. Our first parent check-in was on Friday, 5 March – a big thank you to all our P5 parents for their continued support!

Stay tuned for our next Exhibition update on 26th March!

By Carla Swinehart, PYP Coordinator