P5 overnight trip to Rock Hills resort at Kundalika, Kolad; The P5 learner’s account. 

This year saw our P5 embark on their first ever overnight trip.  They had two nights and three days away from home. There was excitement and nervousness in the weeks before and the P5 community did a lot of work ensuring they were all prepared for this adventure.  

Below is a compilation of the students’ paragraph writing work to take us all along on the trip.  There will be as second blog published with more examples of our P5 learners writing to an identified audience, our community via a blog post.  

The fieldtrip starts on a Wednesday, a chilly morning. As we boarded the bus we were as excited as a lion in a herd of deer, the bus ride was long, though we had fun in the utmost ways. (Ivan) 

My time during the field trip was remarkably interesting and I learned plenty about nature and animals. I can connect it to P5 learning by thinking about the learning attributes. I think the learner profile attribute I showed was Risk-Taker because I tried new activities. Also, a communicator because we had to talk to different people we had not met before. Also, I think reflective because we must reflect at the end of the day. We were also open-minded, because we had to try all the new activities which we had never tried before. (Ziee) 

Now when I sit here thinking about this trip, the experience was wholesome, it was a completely new realm the hustle and bustle of city life, it made my life full in some way. The things I learned on this trip are mostly how to be independent also, I learned that it is mostly the risk in life that makes it fun. I also learned that you should always try to do new things in life. (Aadi) 

First, when we reached the campsite, we ate our lunch and went to our cabins to unpack and relax. Next, we played a few games and changed into our swimwear for kayaking! It was a long walk, but we enjoyed it a lot! Then we went back to the campsite, had a bath, played a few games and then we had our dinner, some people were playing outside, and some people were in the cabins. (Amaira) 

During the field trip, we were risk-takers because we slept in a different place and learned new games like rafting and kayaking. I was a thinker because we did a reflection. I was also a caring person on the trip, as we cared about our classmates when they fell. (Cosme) 

The rafting was very cool I also liked when we played where is my monkey with mister Aadi. I liked because I won the game. I liked when we did the jungle cooking and we saw a lot of stars. It was the best day of the field trip. (Leon) 

I really loved the river rafting over the rapids. The games were extremely fun too, especially finding the right path and “Where is my monkey?”. The jungle cooking made us excited, and we wanted to participate and contribute with effort. (Sairrah) 

On Friday, Jake, Shine and I woke up at 7 o’ clock. We prefer to go out, after that, we did some exercise to stretch. We ate our last breakfast and then we went to school. It was a very nice overnight field trip and I want to go again. (Bi Hyung) 

On the last day we got permission to go see the dam and learn about it and we all learned so much from there and saw how it works and how the villagers get light and water. (Iyana) 

Coming back, I felt happy because I hadn’t seen my family for a long time. I also felt sad because I had an exceptionally suitable time on the overnight field trip. I also felt unique because we were the first primary class to go on the overnight field trip. (Arjun) 

After this experience, I learned to try new things, even if I’m scared to do them. Not to mention that it is not so bad if you think about it. Trying new things not only makes you stronger, but it also makes you better. On this overnight field trip, I tried so many things that I never thought I would enjoy or have the courage to do it, but I did, and I don’t regret it at all. After all you only live once and I am very proud of the things I did. (Ambar) 

Finally, I feel like I could have been more organized and could have taken better care of myself overall. I could have also tried more of the activities with more energy. I think I could have been more energetic and joyful during the trip. I feel like I could also have reflected more on my actions. (Nandikaa) 

The campsite was great, and the food made my mouth water. It was great. I think I could have tried harder in kayaking and in the obstacle course as I was getting scared. This field trip was so fun and something I will cherish forever. Overall, an amazing experience and the best memory of school I will EVER have (for now)! (Ruhi) 

The food at the campsite was good but it could have been better. My favorite thing that we ate was the bread pakora. I liked it because it was very fluffy, and I really liked the filling. My least favorite thing we ate was the potato from the jungle cooking activity, where I cooked food with my group. I did not like the potato because it was not cooked properly. (Miraya) 

I could have tried more of the swimming, to be ready for the activities in time because when we were not in time it was very stressful. I would change that I should enjoy all the activities. Or to manage my time better and have a cleaner cabin, it was very clean, but we always made a mess and wasted our time relaxing. (Martina) 

Having made many memories and cherished moments, the P5 learners enjoyed their trip and are looking forward to many more in the years to come.