PreSchoolers celebrate Dusshera with Jessie

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The Preschool children were all ready in their Dussehra best to welcome Jessie in the traditional Indian way to MBIS on the morning of October 10th. PS1 made a garland and PS3 made a welcome board for her. PS2 created a colourful flower rangoli with Sunita tai. Ms Sharon introduced Jessie to the children. Our three Tais, Sunita, Manisha and Pramila took over from there. They not only dressed up for the occasion but also welcomed Jessie to MBIS in a traditional Indian way. The children watched in awe and utter silence as  the three ladies lit the lamp and put kumkum on Jessie to mark the auspicious occasion. Ms. Praveeta and the children sang a song expressing their feelings on Jessie’s arrival and to mark the end of the welcome ceremony.

When the ceremony was over, we went to PS1 to watch Jessie’s previous adventures. We discovered that Jessie had been busy playing, painting, baking and meeting children in a school in China. As part of the inquiry into celebrations the children of Preschool 3 decided to bake a cake as Jessie likes baking and made invitation cards to invite PS1 and PS2 for the party. The PS3 children had fun baking a cake with Jessie and sharing it with their friends during the cake party.

PS1 children danced Dandiya with Jessie. Dandiya is a traditional dance form originated in Gujarat. People perform the dance to celebrate Navaratri, a Hindu festival celebrated for nine nights. The PS1 children painted and decorated their bamboo sticks just in time to dance with Jessie.

Besides celebrating festivals such as Navaratri, Diwali and Halloween, the preschoolers had their first skype chat with a school in Spain, the school Jessie will be visiting later during her travels. While skyping, the children exchanged greetings in many different languages and talked about their favourite animals and books.

It was an enjoyable, exciting and memorable two weeks spent with Jessie, most of us will cherish for many days to come. We hope to be part of many global projects as such in the future and connect with others, discover, learn, wonder and appreciate our diverse world and it’s beauty and people.

The Preschool Team and Ms Fanny