The Travelling Teddy Bear

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Teddy, the Travelling Bear arrived at Mercedes Benz International School, on 21st February after a long journey from Helendale Road Primary School in New York, USA. He was welcomed warmly by the enthusiastic and happy Preschoolers in the traditional Indian way, by performing an ‘arati’ and applying ‘tilak’ on his forehead.

The Traveling Teddy Bears Project was started in 2014 with the goal of connecting children in classrooms across the globe and encouraging understanding of different cultures, other than your own. Teddy originated in Taiwan and has visited Nigeria, Canada and the USA before landing in India, this year. He has been making a lot of friends while globetrotting and has gathered a host of unforgettable experiences which are shared in a blog – (from taking part in the children’s experiences to celebrating festivals in different parts of the world). He comes with an important mission and carries with him a tiny backpack and some books, documents and souvenirs that describe his experiences of the cultures of the countries he has visited and sometimes interesting facts.

At MBIS, the preschoolers were very excited to have him in their classes and everyone took up the responsibility of taking care of him and making him feel a part of their class. He joined in their learning experiences, reading books, learning phonic sounds, learning about measurements, building models and structures with wooden blocks and Lego, planting seeds and looking after plants, learning about being responsible for pets, playing outdoors and a whole lot of interesting learning engagements.

We were fortunate to share our special storyteller, Mr. Craig with Teddy who narrated a story ‘The Lion and The Mouse’, in his unique way by using sound effects, voice dramatization, rhythm, sign language etc.  which kept all of us entertained, engaged and most of the time roaring with laughter. We hope Teddy enjoyed the story as much as we did.

Teddy was also a part of our Holi celebrations and has taken back colourful memories of the children putting colours on each other, the beautiful henna designs, the yummy puran polis and the amazing rangoli made with loose parts.

As the children gathered to bid farewell to Teddy, after his three week stay at MBIS,taking a final picture with him, some of the students came to give him a hug. He was sent off wearing a ‘kurta pyjama’,  traditional Indian attire.

We wish him well and hope he reaches his next destination in Malaysia safe and sound.

Until we meet again Teddy

All the best the PS Teaching Team and Students