Primary ECA Choir

For this first semester, we have had one particular ECA which is quite special. This time, Primary Choir have really outdone themselves by doing not one but two solo performancesWe also supported the concerts in school.

The first one at Conrad Hotel on the 8th December, to ignite the light of Christmas. The whole experience was amazing. The lighting of the golden tree in Conrad was a true spectacle.  The second one was at the Carmel Haven Home For The Aged on the 10th December.

We thought that we could not do it, since it was 13 songs, some very popular ones like: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Santa Claus is Coming to Town and some not so popular ones such as Christmas Wishes and Here We Come a Caroling. We had to learn all of these in just four weeks and the last song was added a few days before the performance, but we did it!  With no doubt all of our success is because of the two choir teachers. Thank you, Ms. Praveeta and Ms. Charmaine!

The experience at the Conrad started at our wonderful prep room. There were delicious snacks provided to enable us to be prepared for singing, the mozzarella – tomate burger was a firm favourite.  We were all there at about 6:15, 15 minutes before our performance. We all grabbed our five items; Reindeer Antlers, Kazoots, Bells (sleigh bells or normal bells), Santa Hats, and Lyric Folders. Soon we were ready for ShowTime. After our first five songs, we watched as the golden Christmas tree was lit. It was quite the spectacle. We then sang the rest of the songs and ended the program with a sing-along for the audience.

On the 10th December at 1:40pm the choir was ready to go to Carmel Haven home. We went onto the bus and drove for two hours. When we got there, we went into our prep rooms and took our five items. We went out and in the time there was to spare, we got to know the residents. We sang our songs and then the Carmel Haven Home residents sang,  Joy To The World and Feliz Navidad; a thank you to us. We then handed out gifts and distributed cards made in the Arts and Crafts ECA. We also hung the ornaments that the participants of this ECA made on the Christmas tree. Thank You Ms.Beena! We had some refreshments and chatted with the people that were staying at Carmel Haven and then we were headed back home.

The two songs that the Carmel Haven Home residents sang for us at the end of our performance just melted our hearts. We also adored how the residents invited us to eat with them. The Choir goes to the Conrad hotel every year, and it has become a tradition. This was the first time we ever went to Carmel Haven Home and the tiring bus ride was definitely worth it, we hope that going there also becomes a tradition.

Photo credits:  Mrs  Thymann Nielsen

Authors:  Priyanka I.C. Gupta and Juan Pablo Ulloa Neira (PYP 5)