PYP3-5 Sports Day 2019

On March 1st, PYP3-5 had their annual sports day. It was a fun-filled two hours with a range of activities. At stake were the gold medals and coveted house cup awarded to the winning house.  Besides having fun, students could also make connections to their learning in class; the past four units focused on social skills (cooperating, adopting a variety of group roles), communication skills (listening, non-verbal communication), and thinking skills (application). Here is a breakdown of the day.

The first event was the 8-minute endurance race. House teams had to run as many laps as possible in the specified time. To encourage parents and staff to take part, each lap completed counted as two points for their respective house teams. The result of this event was as follows:

  1. 274 laps – Prithvi (many parents took part in this event)
  2. 216 laps – Agni
  3. 179 laps – Jal
  4. 167 laps – Vayu

The next activity was the 40-meter sprint. Students raced according to their times recorded in PE lessons. The competition was close with runners in each race crossing the line almost at the same time. Lars Wehrli (PYP4 – Prithvi) and Mischa Sauls (PYP3 – Vayu) were some of the notable sprinters.

 For the third round of activities, students took part in team games. The activities included:

  1. Basketball Hot Shot (free throws)
  2. “Penguin” Team walk
  3. Find the key code (word hunt)
  4. Formula-One (obstacle course race)
  5. Bench ball (invasion game)

 The last activity of the day was the tug-of-war. For this team challenge, we had different matchups: boys teams, girls teams, and mixed teams. Students from Prithvi and Agni dominated this event, and even their parents had a hard-fought battle to claim victory. At the end of the day, there could only be one overall winner. Team Prithvi finished first, Agni second, Vayu third and Jal fourth.

The PE department would like to thank all the students, parents and staff who participated or assisted in any way to make this day happen.

Fernando Beukes