The idea of this CAS project derived from the ongoing pandemic which has nearly affected the entire population in the world. We realized that the people living under the poverty line in India were affected in terms of food and clothes as they can’t afford them due to limited income. The lockdown resulted in businesses shut hence workers and laborers were left with limited income during the lockdown. I was already distributing food to the poor people with the permission of the police during the lockdown which helped me to get sufficient experience in ensuring safety and the necessary precautions.

Due to COVID 19, we as a team of 5 decided that we wanted to contribute together and came up with the idea of helping our community by providing fresh-cooked meals, clothes, and sanitary equipment such as masks and sanitizers. We are working with the well-known organization Snehalaya, which provides a home to differently abled persons. Snehalaya provides homes for those who come from families who live below the poverty line. After a very brief conversation about their requirements, we came to the conclusion of donating clothes by involving the school community. We set up a website and social media pages to spread awareness. We also hosted a clothes collection drive so that parents could donate clothes at their convenience. The food drive was one of the most challenging activities as we had to maintain safety protocols such as social distancing and sanitization.

Towards the end, our goal was to help as many individuals as possible and ended up donating more than 80 food packets, sanitizers, and face masks. The people whom we distributed these items to aren’t familiar with safety protocols which is why we had to demonstrate the use of these items so that they could use them correctly and ensure everyone’s safety. This activity was heavily dependent on understanding the importance of our actions and how we recognize the problems our society is facing. The response to the problem is our choice and we should help any person who is dealing with the problem so that we, as an active society, can help resolve poverty and hunger.

Ishaan DP 2