Reflection on the presentation by Ms Avani Awasthee

On Monday – 2nd of April 2018, we had a guest lecturer who came to the PYP-5 homeroom. Her name was Avani Awasthee. She told us about her passion towards the environment which led her to be selected to go on an expedition to Antarctica.

It all started when Ms. Avani was 14 years old and participated in a competition by Tetra Pak where she made a one Minute Video on spreading awareness on how Tetra Pak boxes are recyclable as well as an answer on how Antarctica can be saved. Avani submitted her video which was ranked as the 3rd best in India. She became an ambassador and took an interest in the Environment by starting an initiative called the ‘Recycled Army’.

Two years later, she received a message by Mr. Robert Swan who followed her work. He was the first person who had travelled to the Arctic and the Antarctic by foot. He got in touch with Avani and invited her to come on the expedition to Antarctica. She was 18 years old that time and agreed. Since then, she has been to Antarctica twice. She only returned two weeks ago from her last expedition. We look forward to interviewing her as a primary source for our exhibition.

She told us that according to the research done by NASA, due to Global warming, Antarctica has been melting 10 times faster than what the scientists had estimated. This is a serious concern but we can work together to stop it. Ms. Avani explained to us that change starts from us. Each one of us has the power and the responsibility to make a global change.

Teerth PYP 5