Secondary CCA update

But even with all of those challenges we manage to surprise ourselves and decorate our surroundings every week with something new. We understand that we’re always learning even by making something small, which gives us happiness.

Mahika Student CCA Leader

The Secondary CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) programme started inearly September with a combination of activities taking place. These were organised and led by both teachers and students as part of the Creativity, physical Activity and Service (CAS) and Service as Action (SA) programmes.  In keeping with the school’s mission of “Encouraging Responsibility”,older students have chosen to lead others in a variety of areas.

This semester the CCA programme for Secondary students has seen 17 different activities taking place. These include such diverse opportunities as Painting and Sketching, Yoga, the History of Civil Aviation and Creative Writing. Student leaders are responsible for creating plans and activities for those in the CCA. They use the reflective process to look back, analyse and then look forward and make changes. Older students are leading others in Origami, the Rainbow Alliance, Photography, Creative Writing, Yoga and Painting.

One of the aims of the CCA programme is to give participants opportunities to learn and have fun, whilst at times being able to remove themselves from focusing directly on screens. Although the leading is via video as a medium, many of the activities involve students using their hands to create artistic pieces or to work on fitness and sporting skills and only following leaders via the screen.

Although not directly part of the CCA programme, some students have chosen to lead primary children on Saturday mornings in a modified activities programme. Dance has been popular with others participating in football skills and singing.

Origami CCA is led by a DP 2 student. We have teacher supervision in all CCA’s and here is what has been said by the supervisor about the activity:

“Making something creative using our tactile perceptions can be extremely therapeutic. This is what a small group of students and I found, as we all engaged in a truly calming journey of discovery making delicately folded paper objects for the weekly Origami sessions with student leader Mahika. Following the frenzy of a regular school day, the Origami CCA is something we have learnt to look forward to every Monday, as we urge our stiff fingers that have become so used to tapping at a keyboard, to be become more sensitive and pliable as we manipulate intricate folds of paper to create aesthetically beautiful objects. The session leaves us calm and recharged to take on the rest of the evening with a lot more vigour and joy than would be the case on a normal day.” ( Lila Ravichandran Faculty supervisor)

The CCA programme will continue after the Diwali break until midDecember. In early December, students will receive a form to sign up for new activities that will commence in January.

Miss Jodi O’Reilly