Secondary Industrial Visit – Force Motors Limited


An industrial visit was organized for the Mahindra International School (MIS) students to Force Motors Limited. The visit aimed to provide students with insights into the practical application of technology and management in the automotive industry. The visit commenced with a presentation introducing Force Motors and its legacy, delivered by Mr. Karapate, President of Production Engineering, and Ms. Akansha, Corporate Relations Manager.


Mr. Karapate and Ms. Akansha provided a comprehensive overview of Force Motors, detailing its history and significant achievements. They highlighted the company’s journey, emphasizing its technological advancements and contributions to the automotive sector. The presentation set the stage for the students to understand the context and importance of their visit.

Research Division

The visit began with the Research Division, where students were introduced to various aspects of automobile design and simulation techniques. The team at Force Motors shared insights into recent advances in these areas, fostering an interactive session. Students gained valuable knowledge about the fundamentals of automobile design and the application of simulation techniques in the industry.

Engine Design Division

In the Engine Design Division, students were exposed to a range of engine designs including Petrol, Diesel, and CNG. They received detailed explanations about the intricacies of each design and the specific applications they cater to. This visit provided students with a deeper understanding of engine technology and its role in automotive manufacturing.

Die Casting Division

Next, the visit proceeded to the Die Casting Division where various parts of engines and automobiles are manufactured. Students observed the manufacturing processes firsthand, gaining insights into the precision and technology involved in producing engine components. The visit to this division highlighted the importance of quality control and efficient manufacturing practices.

In-house Torture Track (Pave Track)

The highlight of the visit was the tour of Force Motors’ in-house torture track, also known as the Pave Track, for complete vehicle durability testing. Students witnessed real-time testing scenarios and learned about the rigorous testing procedures employed by the company. This experience left students excited and inspired by the application of science and technology in ensuring vehicle quality and safety.


The industrial visit to Force Motors Limited provided MIS students with a holistic understanding of the automotive industry’s operations and technological advancements. Through interactive sessions and firsthand experiences, students gained insights into various aspects of automobile design, manufacturing, and testing. The visit served as a catalyst for students’ appreciation of the role of science and technology in driving innovation in the automotive sector.

Overall, the visit was highly informative and engaging, leaving a lasting impression on the students. We express our sincere gratitude to Force Motors Limited for hosting us and providing valuable insights into their operations.