Secondary School Sports Day

On 6th November, secondary school students participated in their annual sports day. This year, students had the opportunity to participate in a 10-minute jog, handball, volleyball, tchoukball, badminton and basketball matches; they also had a chance to demonstrate their fitness abilities in the push up, sit up and burpee challenges. The day was not only meant for students as some of the teachers proved their talents by taking part in some of the activities.

The different teams showed good teamwork and were highly competitive. The effective application of sports skills and strategies were also evident in all the matches. Despite the fierce competition, spirits remained high amongst everyone and friendships remained intact. After a long day of competition came the announcement of the results: Agni finished in 1st place; Vayu finished in 2nd place; Jal finished in 3rd place; Prithvi finished in 4th place.

The PHE department would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the day a success: to all our students for their sportsmanship and enthusiasm, and to staff members who assisted in supervising the teams or assisting in running the activities.

Fernando Beukes (HOD PHE)