Student Council

Mahatma Gandhi once proclaimed, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” subsequently steering the Indian people to independence. Inspiring another rally for freedom, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in the United States of America. Likewise, in South Africa, Nelson Mandela pioneered the war against apartheid. Change has been a fundamental aspect of our society, from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to leaders such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln – all contributing to this norm that is change. Indeed, such transformations in society have been prolonged, carried from one generation to the next, yet the inherent quality that is change, has sustained since the conception of the universe. And this foundational element that seems to recur in our lives must be inculcated at the bedrock of our growth as learners and future instigators of change.

Thus, I am proud to announce, that the Student Council for the academic year 2018/19 has been successfully selected. The Student Council develops the underlying prowess of stimulating change in the school community. Through this institution, students are able to influence meaningful change, despite them being recognized simply as what they are – students. To impact effective change is an indispensable quality, as stipulated by the International Baccalaureate program, and a standard we at MBIS strive to instil in all our students.

The formation of the Council commenced with elections – a property deeply rooted in the traditions of democracy. These elections allowed every individual within the school community. Students, teachers and administrative staff alike were given the privilege to vote for a candidate they felt best served the school, and its desire for meaningful change. Returning from last year’s fierce debate, Sneh Deshpande (MYP5B) and Mehek Mehra (DP1A), engaged in another passionate battle, this time for President. Each candidate submitted a video, designed to inform the school community on their policies and vision for Student Council, and subsequent to various electronic ballots one candidate was elected President. Yet, when the dust parted, both candidates stood, having gained each other’s respect in the process of the elections, ready to serve the Student Council and the Student Body.

As Student President, numerous proposals have already begun appearing in my inbox, from class representatives from MYP1 to DP1/2, initiating discussion amongst the Student Council regarding various school policies and upcoming events. Perseverance, transparency, and a drive to affect change in the school will be the cornerstone for success in the Student Council this year. My vision is simple: overcome every obstacle to quench the thirst you have for change, and hopefully, on that road, we will all discover something about ourselves we did not know existed.  Having said this, I would like to formally introduce the dedicated group of class representatives I am honoured to be working with this year:

  • MYP 1A

Riddhimaa Jain-Class rep

Prakruti Tongaokar-class rep support

  • MYP 1B

Lea Abbani-class rep-

Uma Israni-class rep support

  • MYP 2A

Arjun Bhide-class rep-

Aryavir Chowdhary-class rep support

  • MYP 2B

Manya Gupta-class rep-

Hedaya Ismail Alajili-class rep support-

  • MYP 3A

Carmen Lorena Oschatz-class rep

Anhad Kalra-class rep support-

  • MYP 3B

Saumya Chheda-class rep

Saniya Bhor-class rep support-

  • MYP 4A

Jona Muhammad VanBerkel-class rep

Prisha Kapoor-class rep support-

  • MYP 4B

Sharwari khare-class rep

Harjyot -class rep support-

Anjali Kumaran-STUCO member-

  • MYP 5A

Qavalina Andrade-class rep-

Shreya Margale-class rep support


Sneh Deshpande-class rep-

Diego Alejandro Oschatz-class rep support-
Purav Mittal-STUCO member-

  • DP 1A

Mehek Mehra –class rep

SoYoung-class rep support-

  • DP 1B

Aagneya Tripathi-class rep

Hyeonji Kang-class rep support-

  • DP 1C

Sophia-class rep

Anushka Srivastava-class rep support-

Additionally, JonaMuhammad VanBerkel of MYP 4A has taken up the coveted role of Treasurer, Prisha Kapoor of MYP 4A the responsibility of Secretary, and Anjali Kumaran of MYP 4B will be serving as the official Liaison of Communications. Furthermore, I am honoured to announce that, Mehek Mehra of DP1A will serve and support the Student Council as its Vice President, while I, Sneh Deshpande of MYP5B, as last year’s Liaison of Communications, will assume the responsibilities of President this year.

If anything, democracy has shown us that the power of change is limitless. And in its infinite capacity, meaningful change can ensure a successful future. The Student Council has finally commenced, and we’re here to change, and change, we shall.

Sneh Deshpande

MYP 5B student