The German Re-unification Day, 3rd of October

Every year, Germans celebrate the “German Re-unification Day” on the 3rd of October. The day symbolizes unity and marks an end to the era of division and the communist regime. Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit, as it is called in the German language itself, is a day when the Berlin Wall fell, and two parts of Germany were united. As this is a well-known fact, Germany was divided into two parts after the Second World War, under the rule of Allies and the communist Soviet Union.  Not just the country, but also the old capital city Berlin suffered the division at the hands of ruling powers. Many residents of East Germany and Berlin wanted to flee from the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in search of a better future. However, to stop this, Berlin Wall was built in 1961 by the communist government in GDR.

For more than three decades, the Berlin Wall witnessed many unsuccessful attempts of protests, escape, and rebellion. Finally, on the 3rd of October 1989, Germany was reunited with the GDR. This day thus marked the beginning of a hopeful future of a unified democratic country.

At MIS, we celebrated the first-ever German Day assembly to commemorate the German Reunification Day and to celebrate German language learning. Many students from German Language Acquisition and a few from the German Literature classes collaborated to put together the assembly. They presented some historical facts about the significance of the day and then gave some interesting facts about the German language. The assembly was concluded with an entertaining quiz on Kahoot about the German-speaking countries which engaged the audience a lot.