PS-3 and PYP1: Celebrating Diversity, Collaboratively

A couple of times every week, the children of Preschool 3 and PYP1, look forward to having their collaborative play period, wherein they not only hone their social skills by playing together but they also have the opportunity to nurture friendships outside of their respective classes. It was during one such occasion this week, that both the classes united to partake in the traditional celebration which currently has the people of India clapping their hands, moving their feet and tapping their sticks to the rhythmic beats of the drum- the vibrant festival of ‘Navaratri’.

In an initiative taken by PYP1’s enthusiastic parent Mrs. Aikta Sood and organized by our class representative Mrs. Jessica Valia, a ‘garba’ dance session had our children dancing to the tunes of typical ‘Navaratri’ music. Leading this session was our special guest of the afternoon, Ms. Aarohi Doshi, who is a dance therapist, a counsellor and a professional choreographer, all in one. Our excited children, doned in their festive best, watched in amazement, as Ms. Aarohi introduced them to the graceful nuances of the dance. Wasting no time at all our learners quickly joined in, matching her every step, move for move, every clap, twist, turn and spin, and soon we had a perfectly beautiful  circle of well-coordinated, spirited, dancers who had come a long way from their first tentative steps to their now energetic and confident strides .

After a much needed break allowing our young participants time to cool off, they were invited onto the dance floor yet again, only this time they were asked to feel the rhythm of the music and encouraged to perform their own little dances. While many risk-takers were quickly back on their feet, doing the steps they had just learned or  improvising or simply doing what the beats of the music made them feel, there were a few others who sat around, watching their peers in amusement and providing for them an encouraging, supportive audience.

The children and their teachers had a wonderful time and after thanking Ms. Aarohi for sharing her talent and her time, gleaned from her a promise for another day, another merry celebration, another fun-filled collaboration.

~ Teams PS-3 and PYP1