THIMUN Singapore

Thimun November 17-23rd November 2019 Singapore

This years’ Thimun, held in the bustling city-island-nation of Singapore was home to seven of our brightest young minds here at Mahindra International School. Led by one  of our DP1 students, Pranav Berry, our group followed his lead to become some of the leaders of the conference. Through text message, Ms. Anjali Singh and I quickly came to understand that recognition was made early on, to allow Anjali Kumaran, Miheer Potdar, Sharwari Khare, Junhui Lee, and Aahana Katti to represent their committee as the Main Submitter of Resolutions. The excitement was a buzz and congratulations were shared digitally. My role as Chaperone happened quickly and the learning to discover expectations and work was only just beginning. As our group met after a long grueling day of debate, a need for further explanation was had. Just as I was ending my query, Pranav piped up and confirmed that “Basically, just about everyone but me is a Main Submitter.” Having a DP1 student in our group, not to mention a former Thimun participant, Pranav provided much guidance around the conference as well as the city. One of our fond memories from this trip was when I realized as the students along with two new MIS members greeted two friends and former Mercedes Benz International School teachers. Mr. Marc Mulhich and Ms. Isabel Martin came to our hotel and very warmly joined the group just to say hello. Five of the students participating with Thimun were previously in the Student Council with Ms. Martin and conversations were happening to share the excitement and growing numbers involved in STUCO of the 2019-2020 school year. A Mercedes Benz Mahindra International School reunion transpired beautifully.

Look who we saw at the Thimun conference! International experiences sometimes reunite old friends. This was a very nice surprise!


Once the conference got underway, it was time to split up into committees to lobby and meet old friends that study airplane rides away. Evening study groups and collaboration on topics such as: Modern Day Media, Plastic Alternatives, Anti-Vax , Tackling the Marginalization of the LGBTQ+, Freedom of Expression, Debt Trap Diplomacy, The SDD (Senkaku Diaoyu Dao Islands, a Brighter Future.

Hard at work writing the approved resolution in efforts to discourage the production and use of single-use plastics.

Our representative of Mexico is focused on strengthening international cooperation to clear explosive remnants of war.

To jump start these dialogs, our students were selected to represent the Country of Mexico as members of the committees; ECOSOC, General Assembly 2, General Assembly 4, and Human Right Council.  As one of the Student Officers of the Thimun 2019, our very own Thimun Officer was Shreya Margale.

Thursday kept our representatives very busy. First it was the conference and later that evening it was the exciting Social held at the Orchid Country Club Golf Course. Imagine the brightest and most impressive minds all gathered in one room jumping up and down dancing to the beats of the last sounds. Walking into the venue and exiting presented all with two very different looks. Walking in it was elegance surrounded by extravagant décor versus the slow exit dripping with sweat and smiles stretched at almost painful widths. I don’t think the students wanted the evening to end. Teachers in one room and a crowd of dancers in the other made for a spectacular glimpse of the teen world.

Aahana and Sharwari feel quite proud of their collaborative efforts to write their resolution

The Singapore Thimun 2019 Social  was held at the Orchid Country Club Golf Course.Can you spot any of our students? It’s Closing Time!

The Thimun experience supports our efforts with the IB Programme by providing opportunities for meaningful organizational, communication, analytical and social skills development. It also encourages students to be a part of national and international conferences.  The conference sets the stage to field delegations that are skilled, disciplined, dedicated and motivated. It encourages students’ leaderships and global citizenship by immersing the participants in a sea of nationalities from throughout Asia. Thimun helped to promote global engagement, international mindedness and intercultural awareness among students by engaging in debate related to genuine issues facing this contemporary world.

And the gavel hammers down!

Aahana Katti  “When I went for THIMUN this year I had no idea what to expect. But this conference really opened my eyes to the problems that our world faces. It gave me an insight into how difficult it is to come up with solutions for these problems and just how hard the delegates of the world work to solve them. It gave me a different perspective on the UN and its member states.”

Shreya Margale  “THIMUN really helped realign the manner in which I view global engagement and problems. As quoted by the Sec-Gen of the conference, ‘we can’t take mankind to heaven, but we can work to save humanity from hell’, and this conference aided with this effort by bringing to light the significant issues of the day.”